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​New Programs

Monday 01/02/17

The Full Year Program - Lawn Care & Property Maintenance, Fall / Spring Clean Up, & Snow Removal (weekly Pet Clean up is optional) 

Property Based Pricing- contact for estimate 

Lawn Care & Property Maintenance

The Mowing, Weeding, Edging, Trimming of Hedges and Removal of Debris from the property. 

 This is a property based pricing (exp: 1,000-5,000 sq ft comes to $39.95 + service fee

Fall/Spring Clean Up

trimming of hedges, and or shrubs as well as Cleaning of the entire property of Fallen Debris and removal from the Property.  

This is a hourly based service.

Yard & Garbage debris Removal

The gathering and Loading of the Yard & Garbage Wast, Junk, Building Materials and Debris and removing it from the property. 

A minimum of 300 lbs is a $120.00 to haul away. (This is a hourly based service.)

weekly Pet debris Removal

This is a cleaning of pet debris from your property and sanitation. 

Prices are based on Pet size. 

Snow Removal

The removal of Ice and Snow from your driveways and side walks, deicing is included in the service.

For Prices go ahead and contact us!

Some Repairs & Installations 

Repairs and installations are based on the project, to find out more on how we can help, please contact us.